Best CBD Oil Products for Sale

Our CBD full-spectrum oils contain all the cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant. There are several compounds in full-spectrum products that work together to create a greater level of overall effects. Private studies have suggested that full-spectrum cbd oils are stronger, and can possibly help to relax and calm the nervous system. All our potencies are listed on the label in mg of CBD per ml of oil.

We have hemp cbd oil for pets. Our pet oil comes in 1oz dropper bottle. The pet oil is un-sented making it safe to be taken orally (by mouth) that you can apply to food, treats, etc or can also be applied topically to areas of the skin or coat that can possibly be repaired. Animals also have the ability to process CBD endocannabinoid system, allowing them to use the nutrients from the hemp cbd oil.

Our new line of body massage oils for businesses and private use are flying off the shelf. We created massage oils in various fragrances that might target back pain, sore muscles and possibly provide a relaxing stress free experience.

We carry cbd oil in a tincture form that comes in different flavors with its own dropper to measure. One dropper full is equal to about 1 ml of cbd oil. Squeeze the oil directly into your mouth and hold it under your tongue for a few seconds to allow it to absorb. The oil can also be added to your coffee, tea, shake, smoothie or whatever else you drink.